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Hitcontrols Hot Runner Catalog

Hot Runner Controller with LCD Display

(Increase users’ operation efficiency by 25%!)

hot runner controller LCD display

-All info showing on color LCD, instead of codes

-Zone number display

-Automatic switch to Manual mode if T.C failure

-1 or 0.1 ℃/℉ display

-Selectable controller state on restart

-Controller locking function

-Remote standby or alarm output


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Hot Runner Coil Heaters

(Deliver the best heater to your customer)

China hot runner coil heater manufacturer

-Flat coil: 2.2×4.2mm, 2.5x4mm, 3x4mm

-Square coil: 3x3mm, 3.4×3.4mm

-Round coil: Φ1.8mm, Φ2.0mm, Φ3.0mm

-Coil ID: Φ10-Φ45mm

-Height: 20-300mm

-Customization: yes

-CE approved

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hot runner system inspection

It is important to inspect products before they are shipped to customers. Every product our customers received had been inspected at least twice on the inspection shelf.

In Hitcontrols™ workshop, our QCs have at least 6 years of electrical inspection experience. Getting positive feedback from our customers is the most enjoyable part of their workday.

hot runner system inspection

We have enough inventory of raw materials, semi-finished products to make sure efficient delivery, and customers’ production continues. Strengthen your supply chain with our advantages.

Moreover, for people who just start or want to start their hot runner business, we offer stocks for you to test the market and check the quality.