Hot Runner Controller HS Code

China hot runner controller

Every commodity has an HS code (Harmonized System Code) in global trading. As the hot runner system components supplier, sometimes we got customers’ emails about HS code issues.

The hot runner controller, a component of a plastic injection molding system, that keep specialized injection mold components at the design temperature in order to keep the plastic resin flowing. By calculating the difference between the real-time temperature and target temperature, to turn on and off heaters to bring and maintain the resin at a non-destructive temperature during the injection process.

What is HS code?

hot runner controller hs code

According to the World Customs Organization, the Harmonized System classification is a six-digit standard, called a subheading, for classifying globally traded products.

The first 6 digit HS code for the hot runner controller is 9032.89. (Regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus; automatic, other than hydraulic or pneumatic). As a temperature controlling device, the first six digits are the same in most countries’ Customs system. While regional and national codes are different.

For instance, if import hot runner controllers to the U.S, based on Harmonized Tariff Schedule(2021 Basic Revision 4), the related HTS code is 9032.89.6040, which description is “Control instruments for air conditioning, refrigeration or heating systems: Temperature control instruments”. The general rate of duty is 1.7%. Would you wanna know other goods imported to the U.S? Please visit the website of Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States,

From Indian Customs and other authorities in India, the HS code of temperature controller is 90328990. Basic duty (SCH) 10%, NTFN 7.5%.

For China hot runner controller manufacturers, the HS code should be 9032.89.90.99, which issued by China Customs. For separately hot runner cables, connectors importing, relevant HS code is 903290.00.90.

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