Project Description

Hot runner nozzle thermocouples

Hot Runner Nozzle Thermocouples

As well as variety range of heating elements and hot runner controllers, Hitcontrols also offers hot runner thermocouples, include nozzle thermocouple and manifold thermocouple.


  • Plastics and rubber industry
  • Hot runner bushings, drops and nozzles
  • Hot runner manifolds
  • Moulds used in injection moulding machines
  • For direct installation into the process


  1. Available for all possible applications
  2. Can be made to customers specifications
  3. Types-J,K
  4. Supplied with calibration certificates and accessories
  5. Available in Plain, Bayonet, Washer, Leaf and Ring types

When Ordering Please Specify :

  1. Type
  2. Cable length.
  3. Tip diameter & length
  4. Drawing for special type configuration.

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