Offering Used Hot Runner Controller Is Not The Only Cost-effective Way

(-To new & used plastics equipment suppliers)

Most of the used plastics equipment & machinery dealers are in North America, especially in MI, OH, IL, IN, MA, USA. Mainly provide new & pre-owned plastics processing machinery, Conveyors, Dryers, Hot runner controllers, and so on. Users can buy all the equipment and accessories for plastic production, and very convenient.

However, have you noticed that about the Hot Runner Controller, most suppliers providing are used ones (like DME, ITC, Gummaflux), no new ones to users.

Are the pre-owned ones cheaper? How to ensure that all the performance is normal and does not affect user production? How to guarantee the service life? How to solve the failure in the use process? And used controllers make your storage, maintenance, and management cost increase.

Selling used hot runner controllers is not saving customers’ money. What customers want is not pro-owned ones, in fact, what they need is a controller more cost-effective.

Maybe you will say, “don’t I know this? Is there any way else to meet customers’ needs?” -Yes, that is to find a suitable temperature controller manufacturer and cooperate with them.

Here are 7 reasons that why it’s necessary to provide new hot runner controllers to users.

  1. Branding Your Products

branding used auxiliary equipment

Why Branding is important?

“We just provide used equipment to users, why do I need brand? ” -No, you do.

Brand marketing is an essential part of any business model. Branding allows you to establish relationships with your customers and build their loyalty. Most used plastics equipment dealers are building brands through the diversity of products, rich inventory equipment, timely delivery, or reasonable price.

But what could be more direct than sell a product with your own logo?

How to start Branding?

It is not easy to customize the brand on complex devices, such as injection molding, robots, but you can start with a hot runner controller.

It is the best option for your company to start branding. And it doesn’t conflict with the brand you are selling, even if DME, Gammaflux, gives users one more option. The most important thing is to increase the viscosity of cooperation and build users’ loyalty.

2. Getting Pricing Power

The more pricing power you have, the easier it is to adjust prices.

When you buy pre-owned hot runner controllers, what is the basis of your price assessment? Brand, manufactured date, operating hours, or equipment condition? But all these are based on the retail price of the brand in the market. About how much of a discount, it depends on the factors mentioned above.

Your profit margin is limited, with the retail price of the brand as the anchor.

How to get the right price that maximizes profits, and maintains a predictable growth rate? -Selling the hot runner controllers with your private label.

Companies with higher pricing power have more leeway to adjust their prices. You’ll be able to do all this without impacting the customer relationship as well. Without pricing power, the decisions you make about price become much more difficult. It’s impossible to keep your price the same forever.

3. Setting you apart from your competitors

For example, who are your competitors, when you sell used DME hot runner controllers? Besides the ones who sell used equipment & machinery like you, also DME distributors, injection molding accessories dealers. Oh, don’t forget the sellers from eBay, Amazon. They all are your competitors.

set you apart from competitors

Also to the price, users will also consider the performance, after-sales service when they plan to buy a temperature controller. If the used DME controller’s performance is not ideal, they are likely to buy a new one from DME distributor. Thus, making you miss a customer.

Selling new hot runner products will help you filter out the competition from used equipment suppliers. And if you have advantages in cost control and supply chain, you will deal with the customers.

Warren Buffett Quote: “Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill.” Hitcontrols, a hot runner temperature controller manufacturer, provide production and design capabilities, is that long hill. Would you like to add us as an alternative? More information about Hitcontrols.

4. Lacking Of Up-to-date Features that New Controllers Include

Most used hot runner controllers have generally been used for a long time, the surface is worn. (like below)

The point issue is the performance. Many controllers have been used for years, which may not meet the needs of plastic items production. It’s Industry 4.0, many industries are developing rapidly, so is injection molding. Like HITCONTROLS, we collect customer feedback every year, for products upgrade and development. To meet user needs and make products more competitive.

Although the used auxiliary equipment is cheap, it affects production efficiency, even increases the product defective rate, which leads to using cost getting raised. Thereby can not compete with new controllers in product performance.

5. Affecting Service Life On Pre-owned Ones

The longer the product is used, the higher the probability of failure.

Many pre-owned plastics machinery suppliers have testing equipment and engineers. But some problems will arise during production, and affect the user’s production. The suppliers exactly have after-sales or technical support, but this will reduce user experience. They will also make mistakes in valuation and get buying cost increased because of this.

6. After Service Issues

“Isn’t there an operation manual?” -Yes, troubleshooting guides on the manual can help users solve some problems. But every customer’s production situation is different.

A temperature controller may have different effects on different injection molds. For instance, the temperature control issue. Is this problem with the controller, the thermocouple, or coil heaters?

Trust me, the problem your customer got is not the first time for our engineer. The controller manufacturer knows it better. And will give you a quick solution.

Please save the cost of these after-sales services. And let the hot runner controller factory provide you with one-stop service.

7. Losing Customers Who Wants New Controllers

losing customers

Existence is reasonable. There are demands of used auxiliary equipment & accessories in the market. But based on our experience, there are many users who want new items. They focus on the total cost, production efficiency. You will miss these deals if your existing product categories can not meet users’ needs.

If there is a way to help you attract more users, would you like to try it? I am sure some of your competitors will.

From the above, we can find the reason that why users buy used auxiliary equipment? They want a product with higher cost performance, not a pre-owned one.

Besides price, used controllers are difficult to bring a better user experience. But also increase your costs on storage, after-sales. If you have a more cost-effective solution, and the results will be satisfactory to both.

If users care about cost, why must provide them branding hot runner controllers?

It’s Industry 4.0. In particular, industrial technology has developed rapidly. In addition to the brand (DME, Gammaflux, FastHeat, etc.), there are many excellent suppliers that are rising. HITCONTROLS, as a hot runner controllers supplier, can help you solve the above problems. We have our R&D team design the controllers, which can be compatible with other brands. (pls see below)

Besides world standard controllers from 2 to 24 zones, we’ve launched tailored designing of 5/8/12 zone for North America. It could be fixed in DME, Polimold floor stands. At the present, we are the only one in China that can provide this DME-style controller.

Wanna know more about Hitcontrols products, price details?

Are you a new & used plastics auxiliary equipment supplier? Are you troubled by the above problems? Please contact us now. To experience how we can make things better for you.

Want to keep competitive? Establish barriers to the competition please. Such as branding, technical barriers. Maybe you don’t have this plan now, but hope you start to have it after reading this article.