Welcome to Hitcontrols™

(Suzhou Hancowi Tech Co., Ltd)

welcome to Hitcontrols

Thank you for visiting our website. Hitcontrols™ providing hot runner controllers, heating elements, sequential valve gate controls, thermocouples.

A young and very dynamic company, offering Hot Runner Temperature ControllerHot Runner CablesHeavy Duty ConnectorsElectric Heating Elements for Plastics Injection Molding.
Our controllers and manufacturing solutions guarantee part-to-part consistency, reduced mold maintenance, and increased production uptime and profitability.

The Hitcontrols customer base is as diversified as its capabilities, ranging from medical, beauty, houseware, packing, automotive and a variety of others. As well as serving manufacturers that are molding and forming plastic parts/components, Hitcontrols, also works as a valued supplier to companies utilizing temperature control in their manufacturing processes.
The main objective of Hitcontrols is to be both a commercial and technical partner for its clients with the desire to ensure the utmost professionalism with high quality standards.