Project Description

Sequential Valve Gate  Controller

sequential valve gate controller

Hot runner compact sequential valve gate controller enables opening and closing valve gate nozzle. Pneumatic or hydraulic options. It is applicable in single and multi-cavity molds.

  • 8-gate injection sequence control
  • Delay time & open time indicator for each gate
  • Selectable time display mode (1s, 0.1s, 0.01s)
  • 3 output control modes
  • Selectable input signal type (DC24V or relay contact)
  • Selectable output signal type (AC220V, DC24V or Relay contact)
  • Optional DC24V/240W output for hydraulic valve
Power Supply AC85-265V, 50/60Hz Zone Number 1-8
Control Auto/Manual Control Mode Mode A/Mode B/Mode C
Input Type DC24V/Relay contact Output Type AC220V/DC24V/Relay contact
Time Range 0-999s/0.0-99.9s/0.00-9.99s Load Capacity AC220V output: 1A/zone

DC24V output: 50W or 240W

Relay contact: 3A/zone