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Coil Heaters

ho runner coil heaters

The Hitcontrols™ heating elements is a resistance wire in straight form or wound into a miniature helical coil.  Flexible design options include internal, external thermocouple type J or type K, and cross-section of the cast-in brass coil heaters could be made square or rectangular to improve heat transfer.

Various sections and sizes for options. Maximum temperature up to 600℃. Surface treatment comes with blasting and black, also provide bright surface.

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  • Coil heater internal diameter: Φ10-Φ45mm
  • Option Thermocouple: J/K
  • Max. power: 9W/cm²
  • Max. working temp: 600℃
  • Any other cross-section can be supplied on request

Coil Sections:

  • Flat coil, 2.2×4.2mm, 2.5x4mm, 3x4mm
  • Square coil, 3x3mm, 3.4×3.4mm
  • Round coil, Φ1.8mm, Φ2.0mm, Φ3.0mm


  • Hot Runner Nozzles & spruce bushes
  • Manifolds
  • Injection moulding
  • Injection & Blow Moulding Machine Nozzles
  • PET preform & Thin wall container Moulds
  • Moulds & dies

Exit Options

coil heater exit_4
coil heater exit_3
coil heater exit_2
coil heater exit_1
coil heater 45 exit

Coil Heater Profile Comparison

coil heater profile_round

Warranted Watt Density: 49 W/in²

coil heater profile_round

Warranted Watt Density: 49 W/in²

Flat Pressed in Brass
Flat – Pressed in Brass

Warranted Watt Density: 102 W/in²

Mini Pressed in Brass
Mini Pressed in Brass

Warranted Watt Density: 90 W/in²

Description Chart (e.g 2.2mmx4.2mm)

Total Length (mm) Heated Length (mm) Power (W) Volts
340 300 220 230
390 350 250 230
440 400 280 230
490 450 320 230
540 500 350 230
590 550 400 230
640 600 450 230
740 700 520 230

How To Order Coil Heaters?

  1. Watts & Volts
  2. Cross Section
  3. ID, OD & Length
  4. Termination style
  5. Thermocouple if required Specify Type “J” (or) “K” Grounded (or) Ungrounded
  6. Lead length and lead orientation
  7. Drawing or sample for special type configuration

Finished Coil Heaters

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