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Hot Runner Control Modules

“Standard will get you from A to Z, custom will take you everywhere!” -Hitcontrols engineer.
This is a hot runner accessory for plastic injection molding machines, but we will give you a different experience in the operation. Providing precise temperature control for the hot runner system. Quite simply, deliver reliable performance, affordable price.
Besides the common control modules with LED displays, we have option LCD type, 15 Amp as well. Did you know that? Currently, there are only less than 7 manufacturers providing LCD types in the market.

Hitcontrols Hot Runner Controllers are designed based on high-intellect microprocessor technology. Optional LED/color LCD display, single-zone/dual zones for hot runner temperature control applications.


  • Power input: 85~265Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Output current/watts: 15amps, 3600watts
  • Input: type J/K
  • Temperature unit: ℃/℉
  • Setting range: 0~450℃(32~842℉)
  • Control accuracy: ±0.1%F.S
  • Mainframes: 1~24 zones
  • Compatible with DME, ITC, FastHeat, INCOE, MCS

Standard Features:

  • Auto/Manual/Standby
  • Load current/output percentage display
  • Zero cross or phase angle output
  • Soft-start, Boost function
  • High/low temperature alarm
  • Fuse blowout indicator
  • T.C & heater inverse
  • Controller locking function

LCD Hot Runner Control Module HC15-S

A controller set you apart from competitors

All operating information is displayed on the screen, instead of codes. Saving your customer most time on codes means checking. And increase their operation efficiency by 25%.

  • Color LCD display

  • Zone number display

  • 1 or 0.1 unit display resolution

  • Selectable controller state on restart

  • Automatic Switch to Manual mode if T.C failure

  • High limit of output percent

  • Remote standby or alarm output (option)

  • RS485 (option)

LED Hot Runner Control Module HC15-B

This is one of our most classic temperature control cards. Yes, it has been accompanied by Hitcontrols for more than 10 years, since the first card was produced from our production line. Just like an old friend, witnessing the growth and development of our customers.

It has been launched for a long time, but functions we’ve kept upgraded constantly. As customer feedback, it is still working and “refuse to retire” even used for 5,6 years. This is one of the reasons why it’s so popular with users.

Hope it can also bring value to your users.

  • Thermocouple open/reverse Alarm

  • High limit of output percent

  • Heater Open/Short/Overload

  • Over current limit

  • High limit of output percent

  • Ambient temperature high alarm

  • Remote standby or alarm output (option)

  • RS485 (option)


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Hot Runner Controller FAQs

Standrad plug-in controller max. 24 zones. HMI based touch screen controller max. 120 zones.

If hot runner control modules only, quantity below 100pcs. Delivery time will be within 3-4 working days.

For controllers in full set, if quantity below 5 sets, we can finish within 3-4 working days.

Yes, it is. We have a team familiar with AI, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, will provide the best design service.

Compact single zone, dual-zone controller,

Standard controller (from 2 to 24 zones),

DME-style controller (only 5/8/12 zone available),

HMI based touch screen temperature + SVG controller (max. 120 zone).

Yes. Output electrical terminals are the same.

Yes. There are screw mounting holes backside. And the mounting dimension is same as DME mainframe.

Hot runner control module: 85-265Vac

Hot runner mainframe: 1-phase, 240Vac 1 & 2-zone), 3-phase, 380Vac, 3-phase 240Vac.

This is unvailable at present.

Hot Runner Temperature Controller Trouble Shooting

1. Check the mainframe circuit breaker is working

2. Check module fuses and replace them if blown

1. Controller may not be plugged in.

2. Fuses or air circuit breaker may be blown

3. Input power incorrectly wired or damaged

1. Triac shorted or driver

2. Change parameter “t”=0 (factory setting is t=1)

3. Try this module in another good heater zone

1. Heater may be too small

2. Wrong thermocouple zone

3. Heater may open

4. Check cable connection

5. Input voltage to module is low

6. Triac open

7. Try this module in another good heater zone

1. Heater may be too small

2. Wrong thermocouple zone

3. Heater may open

4. Check cable connection

5. Input voltage to module is low

6. Triac open

7. Try this module in another good heater zone

Hot Runner Temperature Controller Settings

-Temperature unit ℃/℉, thermocouple J/K conversion

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