Project Description

Flexible Tubular Heaters

Flexible Tubular Heaters can be used in a variety of industrial heating applications that require process heating temperatures up to 750°C (1382°F).

The tubular heating elements could be factory formed to almost any shape or size. Custom bending diameters can be made upon request. Our electric tubular heater offers a selection of diameters and sheath material options, including incoloy, stainless steel, steel, or copper.

Simplify your machine design, or reduce the maintenance time and cost by using our flexible tubular heaters.

flexible tuber heaters
flexible hot runner tuber heaters

Flexible Tubular Heater Features Review:

  • Custom-formed to meet specific requirements
  • Stored in a straight condition to save storage space
  • No special installation tools required
  • Rapid heat-up times
  • Heaters are swaged for rapid heat transfer
  • Variety of lengths available
  • Reduced energy costs, so tool mass can be reduced

Tubular Heaters Applications:

  • Plastic Processing machinery
  • Dies and Tools
  • Medical equipment
  • Heating chemical solutions
  • Packaging machinery
  • Ovens & Dryers
  • Many other applications