Project Description

Smart Single Zone, 2-Zone Temperature Controllers

The compact hot runner controllers we design are available on single-zone and dual zones, 15 amps per zone. Suited use with hot sprue bushings and machine nozzles for plastic injection molding machinery.

Compact in size, dual LED displays, Auto/Manual/Standby function, selectable of Auto or Manual operation, display unit ℃/℉, multiple diagnostic & alarm function.

Smart & economical choice for your hot runner system!

single zone hot runner controller wiring
Single hot runner wiring

Providing customs service is our another advantage. Other wiring configuration is available. Please feel free to contact us.

Power Supply Single phase, AC85-265V, 50/60Hz
Sensor Type Thermocouple J or K
Display Unit ℃ or ℉
Max. Amps per Zone 15Amps
Control Accuracy ±0.1% F.S
Measurement Range 0-450℃ (32-842℉)
Soft-start Yes
Boost Function Yes
Load Current Indication Yes
Power Output % Indication Yes

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