Project Description

Multiple Zone Hot Runner Temperature Controller System

Hitcontrols™ TSC-300 Multi-cavity Hot Runner Temperature Control System is available from 24-96 zones. It’s easy for users to setup and program their controllers via a computer, or injection molding PLC control system.

TSC-300 is a user-friendly diagnostics system that delivers precise multiple zone temperature control, resulting in a quality end product. Updated features help customers reduce maintenance requirements and improve safety

Integrated temperature controller and sequence injection timer controller. The temperature control module comes standard with 2 zones at 15 Amp per zone. And sequence valve gate control module can control 6 valve gates for each module.

  • Smart touch-screen interface

  • Tiltable 10.4″ full color LCD HMI

  • Unified mainframe for different zones

  • Smaller and with more capabilities

  • Suitable for all hot runner systems

  • Wiring friendly design

TSC multi-cavity hot runner controller system

Advanced Features We Provide

  • Customized start-up interface information
  • Power supply, 3-phase, 200-240Vac or 3-phase, 380-415Vac
  • English/Spanish/Chinese language
  • Slave Zones Automatically or Manually
  • Selectable thermocouple types (J/K)
  • Selectable temperature units (°C/°F)
  • Group setup function
  • Start sequence in group
  • Editable zone name
  • Sensor broken /reversed /shorted /disconnected
  • Temperature high/low alarm
  • Triac breakdown
  • Power supply over-voltage
  • Load broke/shorted /over-rated

Options For You

  • Stopping the injection molding system remotely
  • Standby system remotely
  • All zones’ temperature in tolerance output
  • Alarm output

Models List


Type Zones Item No.
TSC-300E max. 24 zones TSC-300Exx (xx=requested zones)
TSC-300L max. 36 zones TSC-300Lxx (xx=requested zones)
TSC-300M max. 48 zones TSC-300Mxx (xx=requested zones)
TSC-300U max. 60 zones TSC-300Uxx (xx=requested zones)


Temperature controlling max. 120 zones.

Sequence injection controlling max. 24 gates.

Delivery time will be within 5-8 working days.

Yes, the touchscreen will display customer information while starting.

3-phase, 200-240Vac or 3-phase 380-415Vac.

No, it doesn’t. Please review standard plug-in control modules, which could be compatible with other brands.

No one will refuse a product that make their production more efficient

(This is your best decision for your customers)