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Hot Runner Cables

All kinds of hot runner cables are available here. Thermocouple cables, mold power cables, combination, Incoe style and “Y” cables. Thermocouple cables and mold power cables are exact replacements for DME cables.

They are constructed of high quality, durable and very flexible PVC jacketed cable.

The heavy duty connectors on both end could be single/double latch, which made based on your injection mold. Connectors(10pin, 16pin, 24pin, 25pin) on cable’s end depend on request.

  • Cables type: Thermocouple cable, Mold power cable, Combination cable, “Y” cable, etc.
  • Zones: single zones, 4-24 zones
  • Length: standard 3m, custom also available
  • Connectors on both ends: yes
  • Thermocouple sqm: 0.5 mm² (15Amp cable)
  • Mold power sqm: 1.5 mm² (15Amp cable)

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