Project Description

Hot Runner Connectors

hot runner connectors, junction boxes

The connectors we provide in suport of wide ariety of hot runner connectors. They are mostly used for Hot Runner Manifold, Robot Interface, Power and Thermocouple connections for Plastics. All power connectors & thermocouple connectors are physically interchangeable as they will fit any mold power cable, thermocouple cable.

Variety hot runner connectors we offer include male/female inserts, metal housings and hoods(PG21, PG29, M25, M32), crimp contacts (5A, 10A, 16A, 40A).

Technical Parameters
Model HA/HD/HDD/HE/HEE/HQ series
Terminal Crimp terminal, screw terminal
No. of Contacts 7,8,15,25,40,50(2×25),64,80(2×40),128(2×64)+PE
Working Current 10A, 16A
Working Voltage 250V-500V
Rated Impulse Voltage 4KV-6KV
Contact Material Copper alloy, Surface: hard silver-plagted
Hood Type Top entry/Side entry, Bottom open/Bottom close
hot runner connectors HA
HE hot runner controller connectors
HEE hot runner temperature connectors
hot runner connectors HD
hot runner connectors HEE
30A hot runner connectors HSB