How To Customize Hot Runner Controllers

As a professional hot runner system accessories supplier in China, we also receive some OEM services requirements on hot runner temperature controllers, while providing product solutions for domestic and foreign customers, and heating elements.
Some of them are hot runner system manufacturers, mold components suppliers, and injection mold makers.

Why Customize Hot Runner Controllers

Hot runner controllers in the private label are the basic step of own brand marketing.

Part of our customers are INCOE/Mastip/DME distributors, they are also operating their own brand accessories while acting for some brand hot runner/injection mold products.

Besides getting pricing power, reducing competition from other brand distributors, it is a way to advance your customers. Build your private users base.

Please account for your cost on procurement, distribution, supply chain management and production. No one can cover the entire supply chain, the best way is to integrate the advantages of other suppliers to make you more competitive.

Custom Services Hitcontrols™ Provide

Front Display Label

Send us your company slogan, logo file with the color CMYK, our team will design it for you free of charge.

Part of the private labels we made

Function Customization

Addition functions on hot runner controllers are available. Tell us what function you need, and our R&D team will complete the work behind. Every year Hitcontrols also collect user feedback to help us in the improvement of our products.

Hot Runner Mainframes Customization

Yes, hot runner mainframes can be customized as well. Below is our tailored controllers for North America. 5/8/12 zone available, could be fixed in DME floor stand.

customize hot runner controller

Get Your Free Design on Label Hot Runner Controllers!