Hot Runner System Selection Guide

hot runner system selection guide

Hot Runner System Overview

A hot runner system is a feed system that is an assembly of heated components for plastic injection molds, maintains a molten flow of plastic from the molding machine nozzle to the gate of a plastic injection mold.

Generally consist of manifolds, nozzles, temperature controllers and accessories.

hot runner system components

Why use Hot Runner for injection molding, please review Hot Runner Advantages.

Standard Hot Runner Configuration

hot runner system consists

Valve Gate Assembly        Manifold Assembly      Nozzle Assembly     Back Plate     Manifold Plate

How To Select The Right Hot Runner System?

1. Questions about the plastic part and material details

Part Details:

-Part Description

-Part Weight (g)

-Part Size LxWxH (mm)

-Cold Runner Weight (g)

-Nominal Wall Thickness (mm)

-Minimum Wall Thickness (mm)

Material Details:

-Material Type

-Filler or Glass Fibre %

-Manufacture and grade OR MFI – Value, Temperature & load

Mould Details:

-Numnber of Cavities

-Hot Half Construction (Y/N)

2. Hot Runner Nozzle Range Selection

Mastip Hot runner nozzle range selection

3. Hot Runner Nozzle Series Selection

Mastip nozzle series selection

4. Hot Runner Tip Grade Selection

Mastip Tip grade selection

5. Tip Style Selection

Mastip Tip style selection

6. Nut Type Selection

Nut type selection

7. Gate Geometry Selection

Gate Geometry Selection

8. Number of nozzles on manifold

Hot Runner System Assembly

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