Hot Runner Controller Selection Guide

how to choose hot runner controller

Before you are ready to buy a hot runner temperature controller, In addition to price, what other considerations do you have? The manufacturer’s delivery time, brand, origin? All of them are necessary.

However, in terms of the temperature controller itself, many suppliers, in addition to providing the above information, have not told you that you should pay more attention to the following 4 important parameters of the hot runner controller. Which are also important indicators reflecting whether the temperature controller is worth buying in the long term.

1. Measurement Resolution

Measurement Resolution is the minimum temperature change that the controller can distinguish. According to the temperature change, the controller calculates and adjusts output voltage, to control hot runner heaters.

hot runner temperature controller inspection

Higher resolution is conducive to the output voltage adjustment timely according to the temperature change, so as to achieve a better controlling effect for hot runner system. Measurement Resolution reflects the sensitivity of hot runner temperature controllers.

Hitcontrols hot runner control module (HC15-M) measurement resolution is 0.05℃, advanced model is up to 0.02℃. LCD display control card HC15-S is 0.1℃.

2. Display Resolution

Display Resolution is the minimum temperature change that the controller can display. The present temperature and setpoint temperature display on the control card for reading. Display resolution ≤ the measurement resolution, and depends on the number of bits of the LED or LCD.

Hitcontrols™ hot runner control module (HC15-M) display resolution is 1℃, LCD display control card HC15-S is 1℃ or 0.1℃ (can be set by parameter, factory default is 1℃).

hot runner controller inspection

3. Measurement Accuracy

Measurement Accuracy is the deviation between the displayed temperature value and the actual temperature value measured by the controller. Hitcontrols hot runner controller measurement accuracy is ±0.25%F.S.

4. Control Accuracy

Control Accuracy is the deviation between the displayed temperature value and the setpoint temperature. It is affected by many factors, including measurement resolution, measurement conversion speed, control algorithm and related parameters, control adjustment speed, the condition of the controlled equipment, etc.

Below is the comparison of hot runner controllers from DME, Athena, PCS, MCS and Hitcontrols.

Brand Hitcontrols DME ITC MCS PCS Orycon Polimld
Control Accuracy ±0.5℃

(optional ±0.1℃)

±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.55℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃

Based on the above information, resolution and accuracy is point factors impact the price. Hot runner controller price from supplier is your buying cost only, we shall focus on total cost as well. Including using cost, maintenance cost, productivity, etc. A stable temperature controller makes you customer’s hot runner system more efficient, lower the defective rate.

If you have any questions about hot runner controllers selection, please contact us. Our mission is to be your best partner on hot runner heating and controlling.