5 Points that Your Competitors Focus On While Choosing a Hot Runner Controller Manufacturer

Who is your current hot runner product supplier? DME, Athena, YUDO, Polimold, Husky. Or your own brand? I believe that there will be a lot of brands. Generally, they can be divided into two parts: Branding and Non-branding. DME, Athena, etc. are well-known brands in the plastics injection industry, others belong to non-brands. What kind of suppliers should you work with and how to choose? Let’s start with Supply Chain Analysis to define your role and position in the business.

Brand Manufacturer Supply Chain

Supply Chain for brand manufacturer

Non-Brand Manufacturer Supply Chain

Supply Chain for wholesaler

From the Supply Chain Structure, the following points can be drawn:

  1. If you need a brand to help you quickly open the market and get customers, then the BM (Brand Manufacturer) is more suitable.
  2. If you want to rely on existing markets and customers to seek customized services and cost advantages, then the second is preferred. This is what many of your competitors are doing.

The advantages if working with non-brand hot runner controllers manufacturer:

1. Private labeled available

    To help you on branding promotion. And the label style could be made to match your other products categories.

2. Customization

     In addition to OEM, hot runner mainframe and card label color could be customized. These are BM (Branding Manufacturer)  can’t provide. And could help to build your differentiation.

3. Pay attention to user experience, to keep the products’ performance up-to-date

These hot runner controller suppliers have an R&D team, they can upgrade the products based on customers’ comments and feedbacks.

4. Simple on cost

They have no complex cost on administrative, advertising, etc. Let’s have a case study on the Starbucks coffee’s structure.

Research state that 13% is for raw material, 18% for profit, others are for administrative, tax, etc. BM’s management, marketing costs are much higher than general hot runner suppliers, which reflect on their retail price. Conversely, if you work with a factory like HITCONTROLS, you can save about 50% on each temperature controller. This is our cost advantage

5. Special product development

In addition to existing products, special product customization is also available. Below is a customized temperature control card from HITCONTROLS for Spanish customers. Their original supplier no longer produced this kind of hot runner controller since 2015, but there are many users still using this product in Spanish. The second image is the one we developed for this customer based on their previous one. New hot runner card could properly fix in the original mainframe. It not only ensures the normal use of the original product but also saves the customer’s maintenance cost.

Original Hot Runner Controller

Customized Hot Runner Control Card
customzied hot runner control card

Do you have any questions on hot runner controllers? We would like you to experience the Hitcontrols difference and see how we can make things better for you so don’t hesitate to get in touch.