Is this hot runner controller manufacturer trusted?

hot runner controller manufacturer

Compared with customized products such as injection molds, hot runner controllers/heaters/thermocouples are relatively standard products. The difference between standard products is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. And the prices from suppliers are also in a wide range, which increased the difficulty of sourcing hot runner controller manufacturers. So how to select?

1. Price

hot runner controller price

As the owner, the margin is a major factor in the success of a business. However, it is meaningless to talk about prices apart from other aspects. How to price the products? Based on manufacturing cost or raw material cost? Absolutely no, but the market demand and services. For instance, Prices from DME/Synventive/MCS/ITC/INCOE are higher than the market average, but many users are like to pay for it. By the reason of their brands, service, and quality.

Considering cost control, a non-branding supplier may be your alternative. But it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time flying to the supplier’s factory. And COVID-19 makes this way more difficult and inefficient. Online supplier audit is your best choice.

2.Supplier’s Company Website

It’s very passive for hot runner controller suppliers if they don’t even have a good design web, it’s E-commerce time.

From the customer’s point of view, no one believes that this company is a top manufacturer in plastics industry. The customer’s risk will be increased accordingly if buying from them.

From the supplier’s point of view, a professional website is a company’s sign and the beginning of establishing communication with customers. Everything about the manufacturer should be shown to customers through the website.

company website


SNS is the windows if the website is a store. Customers will be attracted through the window when they pass by (search on Google).



The exhibition makes communication between buyers and suppliers more efficient. But cost them much more as well. And all exhibitions were canceled by the reason of COVID-19. 2021 Chinaplas was the first exhibition since the pandemic, but customers from overseas can only watch it online.

Chinaplas 2021

5.Which customers they are currently cooperating with?

current customers

Who is buying from them? This is a very useful indicator for reference. This supplier is worth considering if they provide hot runner controllers to top customers in plastics industry.

6.Manufacturer’s Main Market

market share

The main market usually reflects the popularity of their products locally. That is, the market is helping you verify whether this product is worth selling. For e.g hot runner temperature controller in DME style is more popular in North American. YUDO hot runner controller is widely used in Southeast Asia. European markets prefer Gammaflux or custom temperature controllers for their hot runner system.



Professionalism: It’s not only about product price, but process technique, advantages & disadvantages to competitors, packaging, after-service, shipment. Even about hot runner controller H.S code, Custom duty to destination port, etc. A professional supplier is the customer’s strong supporter.

Efficiency: Efficient suppliers can be very hassle-free and comfortable for buyers to work with. The price is not always the lowest, but it is very pleasant and satisfying to cooperate. It’s like the difference between a five-star hotel and a normal hotel.

product customizatiojn

Customization: Customized services are strong support for buyers in differentiate competition. For example, the private label on hot runner system control is a great help for buyer’s branding marketing.

For Hot Runner Controlling, in addition to private label, Hancowi Tech Co., Ltd(Hitcontrols) another custom service is providing unique user’s manual design. Our professional team will help customers design and layout through AI, InDesign. Here is a case study for a hot runner temperature control card and manual we made for a customer.

In addition to the products, our team will provide you one-stop service. Providing you great support from behind. Please contact us now to feel our five-star service!