Nozzle Heater Replacement Guide

Step 1. Opening the mold

a) Turn off power to manifold and nozzle.

b) Retraction of the injection unit to disengage from machine nozzle contact with mold.

c) Open mold.

Important!  The heater, nozzle and melt must be cooled down before dismantling.

Step 2. Dismantling the heater

a) The heater is held on the nozzle body by the preloaded spiral. To remove the heater, the spiral must be bent up and off the spiral (in the opposite direction of the spiral winding) using a suitable tool.

b) Place the tool on the notches provided and carefully bend the heater up and pull it off the nozzle body.

nozzle heater dismantling-1
nozzle heater dismantling-2

Step 3. Installing the heater

a) Slide the heater carefully onto the nozzle body.

b) If necessary, carefully bend the preloaded spiral up and off the heater with a suitable tool. Then carefully slide the heater onto the nozzle body.


The heater must be in the right position.

The heater must be positioned flush (at the same height) at the end of the nozzle body.

nozzle heater installing

Nozzle Heater Replacement Guide Video from Meusburger

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