What does HRTC mean in Injection Molding?

(What is Hot Runner Controller?)

Hot runner system plays a big role in the plastics industry. Hot runner molding includes nozzles, manifolds, hot runner controller, auxiliary parts. HRTC is the abbreviation of Hot Runner Temperature Controller, also known as HTC (Hot Runner Controller).

Temperature controller as a common part of the injection mold, is controlling the heating to ensure melt flow in the runner and sprue. Generally, there are cartridge heaters and coil heaters in the manifold. Hot runner molds are easier to start, due to there aren’t any solidified runners to be removed after each under-filled shot, until a full mold shot is achieved and automatic cycling can begin. In hot runner systems, the mold is ready to run when the system reaches operating temperature.

What Does Hot Runner Controller Include?

A hot runner controller generally include Hot Runner Control Modules, Air Circuit Bbreaker, Mainframe, Connectors, Control Cables. Hot runner accessories are heaters, thermocouples, seal rings, connectors and junction boxes.

Input Power Wiring for Mainframes

OPTION A  240 VAC, 3-Phase, 4-wire

240 VAC 3-phase

OPTION B  380-415 VAC, 3-Phase, 5-wire

380-415 VAC 3-phase

OPTION C  240 VAC, Single Phase, 3-wire

380-415 VAC 3-phase

HRTC Connection with Diagram

Different Hot Runner Controllers In The Market

Touch screen hot runner temperature controllers

Multi Cavity Hot Runner Controller

Multi Cavity hot runner controllers offer reliable and precise control of the hot runner system. Fast control/Individual zone display/Different zones can be combined in a group, Group heating…


hot runner temperature controllers

Standard Plug-in Hot Runner Control Module

It’s interchangeable with many other standard control modules and mainframes, DME, Athena, IMS, MCS, INCOE, for instance. Convenient in maintenance, and installation.


one module control two zones

Two Zone Modular Control

One module controls two zones, reducing size with lower cost. Output 15 amps, load current, output percent display.

PID hot runner controller

PID Temperature Controller

Compact size, low cost. Accepts J,K,R,S,T type thermocouple. Limit protection functions. No soft-start, Boost functions.

Working Theory

Temperature control of a hot-runner system is a dynamic process. The accuracy and stability of hot runner controller affect the hot runner system. Temperature controllers use different algorithms to determine how much power to apply based on the input from the thermocouples. In other words, they output proportional current through internal data processing, so as to achieve the purpose of temperature control.


Hot Runner Controllers provide dependable temperature control for runnerless/sprueless injection molds, machine nozzles, hot sprue bushings, or any other application requiring thermocouples to monitor the temperature.

Hot Runner Controllers Features Review

  • Power Supply: AC85V~250V,50/60HZ

  • PID Auto-tune to ensure accuracy of temperature controlling

  • Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.25%F.S

  • Soft-start to avoid the humidity make heater burn out

  • Sensor Type: J or K thermocouple

  • Auto PID, Manual, Stanby Control Mode

  • Present temperature, load current, output power % indication

  • Diagnosis for thermocouple open/inverse, heater open, high/low temperature alarm, cut output with protection

  • Switching to Manual mode while T.C failed

Hot Runner Controller Operating Notes

  • Check the input power connection. Make sure the wiring is correct and the power supply voltage is within specified range.
  • Check the hot runner cables connection and confirm it’s exactly same the mold’s wiring.
  • Turning on the main switch, check whether the power indicator and the fan work normally.
  • Turning the ON/OFF switch on every control module.
  • Set target temperature, and check whether the controller reaches the set temperature in stable.
  • Turn off the main switch on mainframe before any maintenance and replacement of the temperature control card.

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